Saturday, November 16, 2013

A little bit of friendship

Never expect anything from your friends. Especially from the best ones. Not because they often disappoint you. It is merely because they are also human beings who also have troubles, sadness and difficulties in their lives. So what is the use of a friend if you cannot count on them? Well, you may not count them for your happiness, or for being there when you feeling blue, or even to help you. But you can simply expect them to be happy. Not happy for you, but happy with their lives. Because when a friend is happy, they can do so much, sometimes the unexpected things. Eventually, their happiness will contribute - directly or indirectly - into your life.

So, stop expecting so much from a friend. Let them living their lives. Because that is the only way to show them that you LOVE them. If you think you deserve a friend, let them know that they also deserve you.

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